Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor and Licentiate Degree Courses in Geography

The Bachelor’s degree in Geography courses are taken at the Ilha do Fundão Campus of UFRJ, full-time. 35 applicants will be selected, always starting in the first term of the year.

To meet the profile of the Bachelor in Geography, the curriculum of the Geography program at UFRJ is composed of a set of compulsory and elective courses that encompass the natural, social, instrumental, and theoretical-methodological aspects of Geography. Practical work (office and laboratory), field work, participation in seminars and thematic discussions are important components of training.

At the time of registration for admission, the applicant must make apply for the Bachelor’s degree, as the admission for Teaching and Bachelor’s degree are independent. The student who wants to have a Teaching degree in Geography at UFRJ after graduating in the Bachelor’s degree, can redo the National Entrance Exam (ENEM) and apply via the Unified Selection System (SISU), appeal for the Optional External Transfer and Exemption from Entrance Exam (which usually happens mid-year) or request re-entry (which usually takes place at the beginning of the year). The available vacancies and the characteristics of the selection process are published in a relevant notice, published on the UFRJ Undergraduate Access Website. Learn more about undergraduate access here.