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Commitment to high standards of teaching and research

The entrance examinations happen annually, always on the second academic term. Access this year’s admission notice by clicking on the link down below, published here or on website of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Bring the filled application form by the time of the subscription in order to streamline the process.

External students

1 – Contact the professor;
Link: http://www.geografia.ufrj.br/pos-graduacao/pessoal/
2 – Once the entry as an external student is authorized;
3 – Send the filled and signed form to the professor together with a declaration of active recent registration at your coursework;
Link: External Students Program Application Form;
4 – The professor signs and sends off the form and the declaration to the GPG.
Master’s Degree Qualification/Oral Doctorate
The student must request through e-mail, at least 30 days prior to the qualification, the development of the minutes, comprising the following information:
– Student’s full name
– Each member of the examining board’s full name, pointing out the academic counselor;
– Title;
– Date/time.
Evaluation on the minutes through statement
– Composition of the qualification board for Master’s/Doctorate Degree
The members of the Examining Board, internal and external, must have an attested Doctorate Degree.
1 Board President (Counselor);
2 professors: internal or external.

Thesis Defense

Form: Request for Accreditation of the Examining Board (read the form’s instructions)
On the thesis defense day, you must provide two or three edited copies of the approval document for the board to sign. The approval document must have a final version on hardcover.
The approval document is available on the manual for elaboration and normalization of the Dissertation and Theses.

The members of the Examining Board, internal and external, must have a title of Doctorate, verified in at least 3 (three) years.


1 Board President (Counselor)
1 GPG member (minimum)
1 external member (maximum of 2)
1 internal deputy;
1 external deputy.


1 Board President (Counselor);
2 GPG members (minimum);
2 external members (maximum of 3).
1 internal deputy;
1 external deputy.

After the Thesis or Dissertation approval, the student will have the maximum deadline of 60 (sixty) days to make the corrections requested by the Board, and to deliver the final copies to the Program’s Office, prepared accordingly to the manual for elaboration and normalization of the Dissertation and Theses.

P.S.: The student can request an allowance for the production of the final version in hardcover within 60 days.

UFRJ Library and Information System (SIBI) Manual for Theses and Dissertations

SIBI Form (UFRJ Minerva database authorization)


All the documents below must be provided together with the original document.
– 2 (two) copies of the final version of the Dissertation/Thesis on hardcover;
Link of the manual for elaboration and normalization of Dissertation and Theses
P.S.: The approval document must contain the signatures of all members
– Send by e-mail, at least two days prior, the Dissertation/Thesis in the digital final version (pdf document);
– 2 (two) copies of SIBI form (available on: www.sibi.ufrj.br)
– Backlog receipt (issued by the Library – Bloco i)
– Copy of RG (Brazilian Identity Card) – NOT the driver’s license, professional register, etc.
– Copy of CPF (Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry)
– Copy of Birth/Marriage Certificate
– Copy of Undergraduate Degree Certificate;
– Copy of Master’s Degree Certificate (Doctorates only).

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